USA: general presentation


Since 1913 our Congregation has been present in the USA. The sisters were sent for by the Servants of Mary in Wisconsin to direct, organize and aggregate a small number of women to the Mantellate Sisters, Servants of Mary. Later on, in order to serve the immigrants, they settled in the northwest city of Chicago.

Our first sisters carried out the service of catechesis, they collaborated in parish activities and, above all, they welcomed children after school to support their working mothers. In 1926 in Blue Island they set up a house which belonged to our Congregation and became a novitiate for women who wished to share their life. Later on it became a school.

When their number increased, the sisters were called upon to join the local church and to carry out their services in other schools and parish churches where they dedicated themselves to education, catechesis and works of charity. In the meantime our Congregation purchased a building in Tinley Park to establish a Novitiate House, later on another in Plainfield. In 1969 the USA Province was established, which remained unchanged until 1999, when our General Council decreed it’s suppression and the erection of the Region of Blue Island, owing to the fact that the number of religious women was decreasing. In 1977 the General Council determined Plainfield a juridical Delegation.

Today there are three communities in the two Regions: Blue Island, Tinley Park, Plainfield. The sisters follow Christ, by dedicating themselves to their brothers and sisters in the local Church, through the pastoral vocational activity and catechesis. They carry out a humble service, like Mary.