“The charism of our Congregation is that of humble service drawing constant inspiration from the Virgin Mary, the handmaid of the Lord. It is lived out in total consecration to God in an apostolic community with the particular aim of “teaching the young girls of the people and caring for the sick.” Faithful to this spirit, the Congregation, in the course of its evolution, has also accepted other forms of apostolate in conformity with the charism. “ (Const.3)


The Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary, inserted, from its origins with its own charism, in the line of the spirituality of the Order of Servants of Mary, commit themselves to follow Christ and conform their lives to his, who came to serve and to offer his own life for us. They strive to carry out their humble service, by drawing constant inspiration from the Virgin Mary, servant and mother of the Lord. They are active in the fields of human promotion and education, in the assistance of the sick and of those in need of human solidarity (cf. Const.1, 2, 57).

Since the Son of Man is still crucified in the persons of his brothers and sisters, the Mantellate Sisters commit themselves to welcome his Word and the indications of the Holy Spirit, to prolong the mercy of the Mother of God, to stay with her at the foot of countless crosses to offer solidarity as well as comfort to those people who are anguished and severely tried by suffering. (Const. 217)