Italy: general presentation

“The sisters of our Congregation aim at living and giving witness to their love for Christ by a gift of themselves and the service of their brothers and sisters…”

“They remain faithful to their vocation of service and seek to understand, in the world, the profound significance of the availability of the Virgin…”

“Like Mary, the sisters should be ready to accept the Word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. May they should imitate Mary on their journey toward Christ and in their commitment to make Him known to men and women.” (Const. 51; 6; 5)

The Congregation, which came into being in Treppio [PT], developed, in a particular way, in Italy, in answer to the needs of the various dioceses. It has always had the largest number of communities in Tuscany, followed by the Venetian region, Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia, Lazio and Umbria. There have been, on the other hand, a very limited number of presences in southern Italy. Today, there are 41 communities in Italy: 18 in Tuscany, 10 in the Venetian region, , 3 in Lombardy, 1 in Piedmont, 3 in Lazio and 1 in Puglia.

The charism is lived “…..through humble service, drawing constant inspiration from the Virgin Mary, the handmaid of the Lord. It is lived out in total consecration to God in an apostolic community with the particular aim of “teaching the young girls of the people and caring for the sick.

Faithful to this spirit the Congregation, in the course of its evolution, has also accepted other forms of apostolate in conformity with the charism.” (Const. 3).

Therefore, the communities, work in schools of every grade and order, in boarding hostels for University students, in rest-homes for elderly people, in spirituality centers and in houses welcoming tourists. Some sisters carry out service as volunteers to the drug-addicted and to immigrants.

In order to be faithful to its educational charism, the Congregation conducts six scholastic complexes from nursery school and kindergarten to high school, another complex has from nursery school and kindergarten to primary school. Furthermore, the Congregation conducts two boarding-houses for University students, one in Bologna and one in Florence. It also works in parish nursery schools and in a school administered by the State.

The Congregation, in fidelity to its original charism of evangelizing suffering and promoting respect for the person and for human life, works in two hospital structures and also in two rest homes for elderly women. The hospital of “Villa Salus,” in Mestre, is conducted by our Congregation. Furthermore, almost all of the communities carry out the service of catechesis, and of participation and collaboration in parish activities.