Kicwamba – Queen Mary of servants

On 6 February, 2020, a new community “Mary Queen of Servants” of the Mantellate Servants of Mary was inaugurated in Kicwamba in the diocese of Fort Portal in Uganda near the border with Congo.

The day began with the liturgy presided over by Bishop Rev. Robert K. Muttiirwa. A large delegation arrived from the parish of Kisoga: The parish priest of Kisoga, Sisters, Novices, Postulants and six volunteers from Italy, precisely from the group ‘Sesto Ulteriano’.

There was a fraternal welcome from the Bishop of the diocese, from the priests and nuns in the diocese, the mayor of the town and from a large delegation of parishioners: the pastoral council, the catechists, some teenagers and the colorful lively choir.

Exciting was the moment in which the Bishop himself and Sister Gemma Oldini each planted an avocado plant as symbol of missionary fertility and Christian evangelization in this new place. The two avocados also symbolize a continuity of the first seed sown by Filomena Rossi and Giovanna Ferrari, our founders.

We thank the Lord for the community members Sister Esperanza, Sister Petronilla and Sister Resty who responded with the generous offer of their lives, to serve God and share the Gospel in the mission of the Church in Kicwamba. The sisters will take care of catechesis, pastoral care, they will also be present in the school and available for the needs and requirements of the place.

We wish them a good journey and we all pray that the seed sown by the Foundresses bear abundant fruit and that they themselves may be a sign of living brotherhood, and like Mary, may be of consolation to those who, in suffering, will turn to them.